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About Us

Our staff eliminates every issue associated with your cash flow, from billing submissions that are accurate and complete, to managing your accounts receivables and patient collections. Our staff is proficient in multiple specialities, including Family Practice and Pediatrics with services rendered specific to your practice needs. Our staff is committed to providing professional, efficient service that ensures a profitable medical practice.


An experienced and proven billing team with over 20-years in the healthcare industry, DRK BILLING SPECIALISTS understands the complicated, and often difficult situations practices encounter trying to get reimbursed timely and appropriately for services rendered.

DRK's philosophy is to return physicians to the practice of medicine and eliminate physician concerns regarding business sustainability.

DRK Billing is an amazing company.  The level of professionalism, their fundamental knowledge of the nuances of different insurances and prompt responses to any and all of my questions has me sold on this company.  In the past, other billing companies were unwilling or offended when I as a provider asked difficult questions.  Frankly, they were evasive because they were not up to the task.  As a busy Pediatric provider, time spent caring for my patients is my most important day to day focus.  As a businessman, I must trust that my Medical Billing Company is working aggressively on my claims.

DRK came to us highly recommended and over the past 4 years has provided results above and beyond my expectations.  Claim reimbursements increased over 30% for our practice in the first four to six months and have continued at this high level.  When I have questions, DRK is available and knowledgeable.  DRK's answers are timely and honest.  DRK's staff is well trained and dependable.  They work very closely with my front office staff and help us resolve patient billing questions.

Do not waste any time sifting through amateur and unproven billing companies.  DRK Billing will be the last billing company you will hire.  Trust me, we like many, have learned hard lessons along the way.  DRK billing has earned our respect and trust.  Most importantly, I sleep very well at night.

-- Raymond Miranda M.D., President, Central Valley Pediatrics

With DRK Billing Specialists cleaning my accounts receivable’s, I don’t have to worry about reimbursement. Instead, I can focus on practicing medicine and getting ahead of healthcare trends.

-- John Shen, M.D., Shen Dermatology, Temecula, CA

DRK Billing Services saved our practice! We would not be in business today if we had not found DRK Billing Services. In a very short period of time, Donna reviewed our billing practices, identified a multitude of errors, and came up with a step by step plan to help pull us out of the hole we were in and get our billing back on track.

DRK Billing Specialists visited our office several times to train staff on best practices and identify areas for improvement. Because of their extensive practice management experience, DRK is able to focus on billing, while understanding and respecting how that fits into the other aspects of running a successful medical practice.

DRK Billing Specialists is always available to answer questions, big and small, and on the rare occasion they do not immediately know the answer to a question, they will research that question and quickly get back to us with the answer.

DRK has become such an integral part of our office that it feels as though they are working down the hall not several hundred miles away. It is truly a pleasure working with DRK and I can’t imagine navigating the murky waters of billing without them. We will always be grateful for finding DRK Billing Specialists
-- Nancy Johnson, Practice Administrator, SOMA Orthopedics Medical Group, Inc. San Francisco, CA

The billing of medical claims at a federally qualified community health center can be challenging. It Is such a blessing to have a billing specialist at DRK Billing Specialists personally assigned to our account.

Our DRK billing specialist is always accessible by phone and provides prompt replies to questions asked based on her extensive knowledge of our account coupled with her years of experience in medical billing.

The process improvement suggestions made by DRK Billing staff ensures timely reimbursement of our medical clalms and enables us to remain fiscally responsible as we care for the needs of our patients and the community we serve. Without reservation, I highly recommend their services. It is a pleasure to work with DRK Billing Specialists.

-- Deann, Kodiak Community Health Center, Kodiak, AK